TRUEplus Pen Needles – 32G x 5/32 inch x 4mm
TRUEplus pen needles are equipped with a clear safety cap to prevent accidental injections, plus they also have and a secondary color-coded system for simple selection of the correct needle size. These sterile, silicone coated insulin pen needles have a thin wall that allows insulin to flow simply without burrs or any surface imperfections for maximum comfort while testing.
TRUEplus Insulin Pen Needles Features:
No burrs or surface imperfections on needle
Silicone coated
Available in a variety of gauges and sizes for greater comfort
Thin wall for smooth insulin flow
Sterile, single-use needles
Clear cap with secondary color-coded cap allows for size recognition
Compatible thread supports attachment to most pen injector devices
Package Includes:
100 TRUEplus Insulin Pen Needles – 32G, 5/32″ (4mm)
TRUEplus Insulin Pen Needle Compatibility
TRUEplus pen needles are compatible with most Insulin delivery devices including:
ßyetta Pen, Omnican Pen 31, Omnican Pen 32, BerliPen 301, BerliPen 302, BerliPen areo, BerliPen areo2, BerliPen JUNIOR, BerliPen PRECISION, HumaPen MEMOIR, HumaPen L U X U R A, HumaPen L U X U R A HD, HumaPen E r g o, HumaPen E r g o II, Humalog KwikPen, Humulin N Pen, HumaPen savvio, i-pen, NovoPen 4, NovoPen 3, NovoPen Junior, NovoPen Echo, FlexPen, FlexTouch, Victoza pre-filled pen, NovoLet, OptiPen Pro1, OptiPen Pro2, TactiPen, ClikSTAR, SoloStar, i-pen, Autopen Classic, AutoPen 24, ypsopen.


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