TRUE Metrix Test Strips 100ct
TRUE Metrix Blood Glucose test strips make blood glucose testing far more comfortable and less painful then comparable brands by allowing an accurate reading with just 0.5 micro-liters of blood. The TRUE Metrix test strips have a special coating of a Hydrophilic layer that helps absorb the blood faster. The TRUE Metrix blood test strips also have a clear window which allows patients to accurately use the right amount of blood when testing.
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TRUE Metrix Blood Glucose Test Strips Features:
Tiny, 0.5 micro liter blood sample
Detects – Sample environment, sample size, control solution
Analyzes – environmental and physiological factors
Corrects – hematocrit/temperature
Made in USA
Comes with 2 boxes of 50 test strips
True Metrix Test Strips 50ct x 2
NDC: 56151-1460-01


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