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Skin Tac Liquid Adhesive
The Skin Tac liquid form adhesive barrier from Torbot is a latex-free, hypo-allergenic, clear, non-rubber liquid adhesive that is meant to prepare the skin for application of tapes, dressings, ostomy appliances, infusion sets, compression stockings, and much more.  This super unique “tacky” skin barrier, being latex-free and hypo-allergenic, makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin or skin that is easily irritated.
Skin Tac Liquid Adhesive Liquid Features:
Simple Application: Torbot Skin Tac H Liquid Adhesive comes with a simple dauber to make application easy.
Hypoallergenic and Latex Free: Torbot Skin Tac H Liquid Adhesive can be used by people with allergies.
Easy to Use: No technical or medical knowledge needed to use.
Simple to Remove: The most you will ever need to remove this product is a small amount of alcohol.
Makes Fitting Dressings Simple: The adhesive provides a sticky surface that makes it easier to keep tapes and dressings in their correct place.
Liquid adhesive for skin only.
Suitable for home use.
Travel-sized for convenience.
Alcohol may be required for removal.
External usage only, must not be ingested.
Do not use any product if the seal has been broken.
Directions for Use:
Apply the liquid adhesive to dry and clean skin. Allow for air dry (skin will become tacky) before applying appliance and/or tape. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
Package Includes:
1 – 4 oz. Bottle of Skin Tac H Liquid Adhesive Barrier


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