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Sunset NEB100 Compressor
NEB100 Includes RES091 Disposable T-Piece Neb Kit and five BF018 filters
Neb kits include nebulizer bottle, t-piece, mouthpiece, 6in corrugated reservoir tube, and 7ft supply tube. 
NEB100 Compressor Nebulizer Features:
FAST TREATMENTS – This economical compressor provides fast, dependable breathing treatments. Compressor Range between 30-40psi, 6 ml capacity.
EFFECTIVE THERAPY – Creates particles as fine as 0.5 – 5 microns to ensure optimum absorption in the lungs.
EASY TO USE – Start your breathing treatment with a simple push of a button! Perfect for all ages.
DESIGNED FOR TRAVEL – Weighing only 2.75 pounds and featuring a sleek attractive design, this compressor is great for use at home, school, or on the go!
INCLUDES 5 Filters, T-Piece, Mouthpiece, 6-inch Tube, and 7ft O2 tube.
 NEB100 Compressor Nebulizer Specifications:
Weight: 2.75 lbs
Input: 120V/60Hz
Current: 1.5A
Medication Capacity: 6ml
Particle Size: Respirable Fraction 0.5 to 5um 0.5um 80%
MMAD: 2.0um
Average Nebulization Rate: 0.3-0.4ml/min
Noise Level: Below 60dBA
Compressor Pressure Range: 30-45psi
Operation Pressure Range: 12-14.5psi (0 85-1.1 bar)
Liter Flow Range: 8-10LPM
Operation Temperature Range: 50°F-104°F (10°C-40°C)
Operation Humidity Range: 10 to 95% RH
Storage Temperature Range: 14°F-149°F (-10°C-65°C)
Storage Humidity Range: 10 to 95% RH
This cost-efficient compact compressor comes with five BF018 filters and RES091 T-Piece Neb Kit (Jet Nebulizer, T-Piece, Mouthpiece, 6-inch Tube, and 7ft tube)


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