OmniPod Adhesive Patches
Compatible with: Insulet OmniPod
People with diabetes often feel limited and stressed due to constant management of their blood glucose levels. If your monitoring device does not stay inserted in your skin, you could lose track of your blood sugar levels and end up in the hospital, or worse. Skin Grip manufactures adhesive patches to comfortably secure monitoring devices to your skin ,allowing you to do more and not be limited to certain activities.
Skin Grip patches are made from a mixture of cotton and spandex for the the most comfort and flexibility. The unique sticky tape is latex free, hypoallergenic acrylic and 100% medical grade.  The adhesive patch feels soft on the skin and doesn’t irritate like competing brands.
The adhesive allows you to do whatever you want both inside and outside; plus, it is not coming off easily.
OmniPod Patches Benefits and Features:
NO MORE LOOSE SITES: Keeps your OmniPod secured for 10+ days.
*NO SKIN IRRITATION: Hypoallergenic, latex-free, medical-grade and FDA approved.
NOTHING CAN STOP YOU: Waterproof adhesive to give you peace of mind while exercising, swimming, or showering. Do anything you love without your sensors coming loose.
COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: So thin and breathable, you won’t even know it’s there… until someone comments on your “robot” devices.
MOVES WITH YOUR MOTION: The 4-way stretch material mimics the motion of your body to avoid tugging and pulling on your skin.
EASY TO APPLY: Backing is split into 4 parts for hassle-free application.
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you don’t love them, return them within 30 days for a full refund. That’s our promise.
*Clear patches are not recommended for those with sensitive skin. They are less breathable and more prone to irritation.
Package Includes:
20 Single-Use Adhesive Patches
How to Apply the OmniPod Patch


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