MiniMed Quick-serter Insertion Device for MiniMed Quick-set Infusion Set
The MiniMed Quick-Serter is an insertion device used for MiniMed Quick-Set infusion sets. This device allows for an easier and quicker insertion with just the push of a button.
MiniMed Quick-Serter Features:
Easy insertion experience
Ergonomic design
Easy access to hard-to-reach insertion sites
Spring activated
Consistent insertion depth
Clear color coding
Medtronic MiniMed Quick-serter Design Features:
Clear and Noticeable Set Release Button: A clear and easy way to release the infusion set.
Green Handle and Side Buttons: Helps guide loading and insertion.
Wider Base: Reduces the chance of adhesive sticking to the inner side walls.
Adhesive Liner Notch: Renders it easier to take ahold of and remove the adhesive liner tabs.
Comparison to Previous MiniMed Quick-serter:
2x easier to load
3x less likely for adhesive to stick to serter
25% less time to insert
Package Includes:
1 MiniMed Quick-serter Insertion Device


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