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The Medtronic Minimed MMT386 Quick-set® Infusion Set 9mm conveniently disconnects at the infusion site and offers a pre-attached adhesive for a discreet, low profile design. This Minimed Quick-set® offers a 9mm soft cannula for mostly everyone. The Safe Needle Disposal System of the Medtronic Minimed Quick-set helps prevent accidental sticking when disposing of the introducer needle in your sharps container. This Medtronic Minimed set works with the Quick-serter to provide optimal insertion every time.
Medtronic Quick-Set MMT386 Features:
9mm soft cannula
A 90 degree insertion angle
An insertion device
An at- site disconnect
A soft, tapered cannula in two sizes
Box Contains 10 Sets
MiniMed Quick Set Sizes
Quick-Set Infusion – Box of 10
32″ (80 cm) tubing with 9 mm cannula
32″ (80 cm) tubing with 6 mm cannula
This item does NOT include Quick Serter Insertion System.


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