LPOW Pulse Oximeter
The fingertip pulse oximeter by LPOW reads accurate oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and perfusion index. It is the perfect accessory for sport activities, mountain climbing, and those who need to monitor their blood oxygen circulation and heart rate. LPOW’s finger pulse oximeter can determine body data in 8 seconds accurately. The fingertip clip uses a silica gel material which is simple to apply and soft on the skin. The oxygen meter comes with a lanyard, which makes it easy to carry on your persons.
LPOW Pulse Oximeter Instructions:
Remove the battery cover and insert the two AAA batteries following polarity marking indicates inside of the battery compartment, then reposition the cover.
Slide your finger into the opening probe of the device, until the fingertip touches the built-in stop guide. For best results, make sure the finger is centered within the finger guide.
Press the button to activate the oximeter from sleep mode, and then measurement interface will appear in 3 seconds.
The measurement result will be read directly from the screen within 8 seconds.
The oximeter will turn into sleep mode automatically within 10 seconds after the finger left the probe.


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