iProven Pulse Oximeter
This Fingertip Pulse Oximeter from iProven measures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. The oxygen saturation appears as a percentage on the main display. Results ranging from 95 to 100 are considered healthy and normal. Results in that range reflect that your blood is able to carry enough oxygen to your organs.
Not only does this pulse oximeter measure SpO2, but it also measures your pulse rate and displays a bar graph indicating the intensity of your pulse.
Clicking the button once turns the device on. After placing your finger inside, results will appear on the display within seconds. The display is easily readable and the internal software of the O2 monitor is equipped with the newest technology for superior accuracy.
Track your health with iProven’s all-in-one Oxygen Monitor. The device is precision-engineered to continuously measure your SpO2, pulse rate, and pulse intensity. This oximeter is the perfect accessory for every sport and aviation enthusiast.
Note: This is not a medical device. It is intended for sports and aviation use only.
iProven Pulse Oximeter Features:
Alarm: When your numbers drop too low, the Oximeter alarm goes off
Available in 3 colors: Black, blue and white
Automatic shut-off within 16 seconds of disuse
Non-invasive: Measuring your SpO2 does not hurt
Designed for athletes: Improve your fitness level by tracking your SpO2 and pulse rate
Package Includes:
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Black or White)
Storage Case
Instruction Manual
2 AAA Batteries
Pulse Oximeter Specifications:
Digital LED Display
SpO2 measurement range: 35 – 100%; resolution is 1%
SpO2 accuracy: 70 – 100%; +/- 2%
Pulse measurement range: 25 – 250 BPM; resolution is 1 BPM
Pulse accuracy: +/- 2 BPM
Dimensions: 62 mm (L) x 37 mm (W) x 32 mm (H)
Weight: 50 gram including batteries


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