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EasyTouch Insulin Syringes U-100 31G
The Easy Touch insulin syringes are constructed from ultra-fine, surgical stainless steel, and coated with a film lubricant for increased comfort. The 31 gauge syringes from EasyTouch feature the best combination of quality, comfort and value. The needles’ “Dead Space” design minimizes waste and allows for more accurate measuring. Easy to read, accurate and reliable numbers lesson dosage errors. The Easy Touch syringes also come with a protective needle cap in order to prevent damage or contamination and has a protective plunger cap to keep the needle sterile while shipping.
EasyTouch Insulin Syringes Features:
Made for Comfort: The 31-gauge needle is made from a special surgical grade of stainless steel and is securely attached to eliminate any pop off of the needle. Multi-facet needle bevel with special lubricant coating delivers a smooth and more comfortable injection.
Simple Control: Optimal design offers comfortable and positive grip for easy control.
Maximum Sterility: Protective needle cap to prevent contamination or damage to the syringe plus a protective plunger cap to retain the sterility of the needle during shipping.
Distinctive Design: To eliminate waste and makes measuring more precise.
Made to Minimize Errors: The transparent barrel gives excellent view of syringe contents. Simple to read graduated numbers reduces any dosage errors.
Leak Proof: Advanced design of plunger ensures smooth and correct movement inside barrel. Snug fit and leak proof.
Package Includes:
100 EasyTouch Insulin Syringes – 31G, 1cc, 5/16″ (8mm)
Size and dimensions: 31 Gauge 1cc 5/16 inch.
Use the needle once, destroy, and contain.
Keep out of reach of children.
Before making any changes to needle size, length, or capacity, please check with your doctor.
Other Quantities:
EasyTouch Insulin Syringes – 31G 1cc 5/16″ 100/bx – Pack of 4


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