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Easy Comfort Insulin Pen Needles 31G x 5mm x 3/16″
Easy Comfort Pen Needles are engineered for maximum comfort and reliability. Manufactured with the finest steel. They are non-toxic and non-pyrogenic.
Easy Comfort Pen Needles Compatibility:
type A insulin pen delivery devices
Bd pen
Humilin Pen
Humalog Pen
Junior NOVOpen
3ml Flexpen
Lantus And many more
Easy Comfort Insulin Pen Needles Features:
Fine Needle
Single use disposable needle
Fits most insulin delivery devices
Product Details:
Length: 5MM
Brand: Home Aide Diagnostics
Gauge: 31G
NDC: 91237-0001-63
Includes:100 Easy Comfort Insulin Pen Needles 31G, 5mm, 3/16″
Other Quantities:
Easy Comfort Insulin Pen Needles – 31G 5mm 100/BX – Pack of 4


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