When you use the FastClix system form Accu-Chek, testing your blood is made simple and easier than ever.
Checking your glucose level is an essential part of managing your diabetes. The Accu-Check FastClix lancing device and lancets make this easier than ever. Precision guided technology minimizes any pain and depth settings that are customizable allow you to get the right amount of blood the first time.
Accu-Chek FastClix Kit Features:
This three-month supply kit is designed to help you manage your diabetes more easily and provide better control of your health.
Reduce the pain and hassle of testing your blood sugar with convenient pre-set lancets; Load drum into FastClix lancing device (not included) to collect a small blood sample without handling needles.
For more convenient testing, the unique FastClix design allows a tiny drop of blood to be placed anywhere along the end of the strip.
Patented spill resistant SmartPack dispenses one strip at a time.
Ensure meter accuracy by doing routine checks with control solution as it contains a known amount of glucose.
FastClix Lancing Device System Features:
The only 1-click lancing system with a drum
11 customizable depth settings
Precision guided technology
Thin-gauge, bevel-cut lancets
FastClix Supply Kit Includes:
300 Guide Test Strips
306 FastClix Lancets
2 Guide Control Solutions (2.5ml of level 1 and 2.5ml of level 2)
300 Alcohol Pads
1 Self Test Diary Log Book


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